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The Strategic Design Lab is helping kickstart innovation in Southeast Asia. We work in partnership with clients to develop programs that are customer focused, insight driven, and results oriented.

Thinking &

At The Strategic Design Lab we use uncertainty, collaboration and curiosity as the basis for uncovering meaningful insights to help businesses think smarter and grow faster

The SDL brings the practices and professionals from design, technology, finance, data analysis and strategy together with company stakeholders and consumers, helping clients plan, prototype and design meaningful, effective solutions to complex business problems.


SDL workshops are fast paced, focused, and collaborative, bringing together key decision makers, subject matter experts and your customers to work through important stategic challenges using practical tools and methodologies designed to help businesses succeed in an era of rapid change.

Innovation Workshops

An innovation workshop brings key members of your team together along with subject matter experts to creatively answer challenging business questions in a focused setting, using design thinking, human centered design principles.

Design Sprints

A design sprint moves you from a rough concept to a working prototype at rapid speed. We bring experts together with product owners to plan, brainstorm, build and finally test ideas with real users, and then develop a solid proposition to present to senior stakeholders. The design sprint allows crucial business questions to be validated quickly and efficiently.


We work with forward-thinking people from business, start ups and non-profits across Asia to create products and services that put people first.

The Strategic Design Lab is a partner agency with Startup Studio Santora Nakama and creative agency Faculty, and has worked with Jaguar / LandRover, Rabbit Rewards / The Bangkok Transit Authority, Chanintr Living, The Cambodia Rice Federation, UNICEF Cambodia and Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

We'd love to work with you too, and help you bring truly innovative thinking to your business, so let's have a chat soon.